Binder Foot (Janome Original) 200140009
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Binder Foot (Janome Original) 200140009

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Janome Binder Foot

  • For oscillatingåÊhook models.
  • The binder foot is used to apply pre-folded bias binding tape or bias tape you have cut yourself to the edge of fabric in one easy step. It is equipped with a small funnel to fold and guide the binding over the fabric edge before it reaches the needle and can be used with either zigzag or decorative stitches as well as straight stitch
  • 5mm maximum width.åÊ
  • How to use:
    • Cut the end of the tape diagonally and insert it into the binder foot.
    • Push out the end of the tape toward the needle hole of the foot with a needle or a stiletto.
    • Insert the edge of the cloth into the opening of the guide.
    • Sew slowly, guiding the edge of the cloth with your middle finger on the finger rest while guiding the binding tape through the conical tape guide correctly with your right hand.åÊ
  • Part no. : 200140009
  • Machine settings:
    • Stitich: straight stitch (centre needle position)
    • Thread tension: 3 - 6
    • Stitch length: 1 - 3
    • Stitch width: 0
  • This accessory works with the following models:
    • 128
    • 2206
    • 2212
    • 2222
    • 234
    • 3128
    • 41012
    • HD1000
    • HD1000 Black Edition
    • Hello Kitty 11706
    • Hello Kitty 13512
    • Hello Kitty 14412
    • Hello Kitty 15312
    • Hello Kitty 15822
    • JW5622 JW7522
    • SUV1122

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