Janome Purple Tip Needle (Janome Original)
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Janome Purple Tip Needle (Janome Original)

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Janome - Machine Needles - Purple Tip Needles

Our purple tip needle is a size 14 needle (#90); this needle prevents skipped stitches when sewing heavy fabrics including knits in ordinary sewing and when embroidering.åÊ It features a ball point tip

*which helps to create neat and tidy stitches.åÊ


  • Embroidery with high density designs and/or thick fabrics.
  • Use with fluffy threads like cotton.
  • Quilting through multiple layers.
  • Normal sewing of flexible and pliable fabrics such as knits and tricot.
  • (Tricot fabric has a unique weave that allows it to be smooth on one side, with texture on the other side. This makes the fabric sturdy, yet soft. Tricot fabrics are perfect for luxurious lingerie, apparel, and linings.)
  • Sewing synthetic fabrics such as polyester.


*The ball point tip is especially useful when sewing knitted fabric and synthetic fabrics as it prevents fabric thread breakage

Part Number: 202 122 001

Description: Janome Purple Tip Needle

Compatible Machines: All Janome Sewing Machines including Embroidery models

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